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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 4, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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i have been in business for 25 years. i have no idea what you are talking about. >> five weeks before the election, he is saying his big, bold idea is never mind. >> president obama and mitt romney duke it out over the economy in the first debate of three. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. a particularly strong showing from mitt romney tonight on key topics ranging from the economy to health care. >> abc7 news political reporter mark matthews is here with a look at this first big match up. >> no knockout punches tonight, nothing we will see over and over again on television, but mitt romney did what he needed to do. mitt romney ran to the middle saying lowering the tax rates for wealthy americans would not lower the amount of taxes
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they pay. >> my view is we should provide tax relief to those in the middle class. but i am not going to reduce the share of taxes paid by high income people. >> romney said he would close tax loopholes and limit the de tucks -- deductions to the risk. >> it is knot possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect high income individuals to either avoid raising the deficit or burdennenning the middle class. it is math. it is arithmetic. >> on health care -- >> first of all, i like the way we did it in massachusetts. >> romney said he would repeal obama care, but not all of the parts people like. >> preexisting conditions are covereunder my plan. numberwo, young people are able to stayn their family plan. >> what your plan does is to duplicate what is already the law. >> the president's responses did not pin romney to what he said during the primaries and the republican nominee was able to reframe his positions. >> we are not going to get rid of all regulation. you have to have regulation.
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and there are some parts that make all the sense in the world. >> where romney was the weakestas thepecific poin. >>t some pntthe amerin ople have tosk themselves is the reason go governor romney is keeping all of these plans to replace secret because they are too good? >> but time and again, romney had the last word. >> you know what, i have to respond to that. it is my experience as a governor is if i come in and lay down a piece of legislation and say it is my way or the highway, that will get a lot done. >> romney's stock is up 28 rs. the president's stock fell 10%. it is pretty clear that romney had more energy and was in more control of the evening. the biggest loser? jim lehrer. >> a lot of people said that. that is just round one. more to come. >> voters on both sides turned out at viewing parties around the bay area to watch the presidential debate. leslie brinkley was on both
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sides to gauge rex a. she is live in -- on both sides to gauge reaction. >> there is a lot of baseball analogies. some say obama hit a homerun, and others say romney who was the allstar. >> i think he hit a homerun. we have two victories in the bay area with the oakland a's and the giants, and i think the president is there with them. >> the national co chair of technology for obama turns this nightclub on howard street into a place for 500 obama supporters to watch the great debate. >> i think obama has kept his cool. i think he has answered everything in reasonable, honest , nonmudslinging ways. >> i think obama is doing a good job. he has had a few zingers on romney. romney is cardboard and very flat. >> others critique the moderator for limiting the banter. >> they both looked uncomftable. it looked like he was not allowing either to debate.
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>> but there was a different take on the debate across the bay in walnut creek where the gop supporters convened. >> romney came out much stronger than obama figured he would. >> as the debate progressed, the mixed personality and his innate ability to have people trust in him came forward. >> mitt romney had the facts. obama was without the facts. >> quite frankly obama looked like he was flownderring. floppedderring. he -- flownderring. he didn't know what to say. >> that was one of the best debate performances in a generation. >> of course there is no way to really score tonight. it is all a matter of personal politics. reporting live in san francisco, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thanks, leslie. and if you missed the debate you can still see it by going to we have a link for you on the front page. and mitt romney struck a nerve with social media when
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he said he would eliminate the subsidee for the public broadcast system. >> i am going to stop the subsidee to pbs and other things. i like pbs. i like big bird. >> somebody started a fire big bird twitter account. in a half hour they had 9900 followers. thought to be outdone somebody started a facebook page called big bird for president. the next debate takes place a week from tomorrow in danville, kentucky when vice president joe bid and congssman paul ryan face-off. we will air that debate starting at 6:00. developing news, and police are at the scene of a double homicide that may have resulted from a neighbor dispute. one man was taken from the scene in a police car. officers arrived after 6:00 to find two bodies on the front lawn of a house. a that i bore who lives across the street confronted the men with the firearm. >> a sheriff deputy shot a man in san jose. it happens near the busy cal
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trans station at about 5:30 tonight. abc7 news reporter uh -- ama dates is here to explain. >> we just learned he was a san jose resident and before he was shot he was on the tracks and acting erratically. the trouble began when an emergency call was made about a person lying on the tracks nearal trans station in san jose. a san mateo sheriff deputy was the first to arrive because their office patrols the 50-mileorridor. santa clara county came to assist when the suspt was found to be uncooperative and tried to take off on foot. the deputies followed. >> at some point the suspect displayed some type of threatening behavior toward the officers that the sheriff deputy believes was a danger to his safety and that of the other deputies. and he fired several rounds at the suspect. >> the suspect was shot twice and was taken by ambulance to valley medical center with
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nonlife-threatening injuries. san jose police are handling the investigation and say the depues tried to get the suspect to coly without foe. >> anhere bween and 14 mites elapdbetwn t mehis deputyrom san mateo county called for help and the time the shots were fired. so that tells me they were trying to talk to him. they were trying to reason with him. they were trying to de escalate the situation. >> as soon as they heard there was a person on the track itself shutdown service between san jose and santa clara leaving commuters stranded until bus showed up. >> we were operatg a bus bridge between san jose and santa clara to accommodate the passengers. but it impacted the commute hour pretty significantly. we had delays up and down the system. >> now, cal train is back up and running, but anytime something like this happens, it does take some time to get the equipment where it needs to go. ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you. quite a change in our weather today. the temperatures are going to continue to drop. let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel.
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>> carolyn, we have seen a cooling trend. it is far from over. let's check out our live doppler 7hd, and you can see what has brought about the cooling. we have the fog. it has pushed in -- into the north bay as you can see there. and also out toward the east bay , it is going to continue its push. check out the temperatures, and they a inhe 5s and the0s. when you comre tem t 24 hours ago they have droed as much as 14 ies cooler. mountain view, san jose, 27 dries cooler in san rafael and 18 degrees cooler in antioch. just a sign of things to come. we have gone from record heat for a couple days to a cool down today. how about thepossibilit of in? llbe back wi the detls coming up. >> tnks ry much. the oakland a's celebrate after an improbable season. they were 13 games back of first place, and then had too they won the american league west championship with a victory over the texas
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rangers. billy bean was there, and he was there with the team built. alan wanis le in oland what great sto. fans were celebring all over the et bay. here at jack london square, the party is long over. but the real celebration took place at the coliseum. that's where fans and players were going bonkers after the come from behind victory that clinched the division championship. over the past three months, these fans chewedheir nails and watched the clb from 13 games back, and then sweep the battle hardened texas rangers. >> it is fantastic. this is great. season ticket holders. >> this season definitely qualifies for movie making. >> i think this iswesome.
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i have bn a seasonicke holder for 20 years. have ieen waiting for the a's to get back to the championship and we will do it this year. >> i need to pick my kids up from school. but i willtick around. they can wait. >> sir, child protective services called. they would like to speak to you. i spoke to another fan who said he started the day at 11:00 a.m. he says the place was packed, and when it looked like the a's would clinch, he hoped on the bart and joined the celebration. the game was soldout and the bars and restaurants were packed. i am guess august lot of people called in sick today. they tossed the responsibility out the window. >> but it was worth it. >> crazy. back to you. >> thanks very much. now the a's take on the tigers. the first game will be in detroit on saturday. larry beil will have highlights ove in oaknd.
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>> thieves break into a home stealing electronics and the family dog. the man makes an emotional plea for his safe return. >> and the passenger scene climbing out of a blue angels jet in the bay area. >> and jetblue makes an offer for those who may not like the way the election turns out. >> all of that is coming up, and then a bit lar on "nhtline danarolyn, ming up on"nightlinethe first showdo as prident obama and republican nominee mitt romney takes the stage in denver to face-off in the first presidential debate. so our power house political team will be with us, and the [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪
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hiker who fell 40 feet down this ravine. they used an area ladder truck to drop ropes and pulleys to the woman below. they then pulled her up in the safety basket. the hiker suffered injuries. a convicted embezzler is back after almost two weeks on the run.
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jay shaw faces 45 years in prison for his role in the dark prince real estate scam. it involves three condos at san francisco's exclusive rine con hill -- rinconill highrise. they transferred the condos to e shell cporations and took out loans on the property. another twist in the gender discrimination case at the top venture capital firm. she has been termated from the firm the firm says she is still an employee, however they say she is being asked to transition out of the company. she sued the firm in may claiming she was the victim of gender bias and retaliation. >> an emotional plea for the return of a stolen dog from a 10-year-old san jose girl. thieves broke through a sliding glass door. they stole electronic equipment and a five-year-old do >> that is whats so mesd up about this. en they are making the
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quk buck they are not -- they don't realize how much emotion is tied to this. it is my daughter's heart. >> he tried to turn them into me. it would mean the world to me. >> there is now a $6,000 reward for miko's return. the dog has a microchip and marissa's family is hoping that if someone inadvertently buys him, they will discover he has the chip and give him back. >> a bay area hero kicked off fleet week. captain cully cul 11 burger -- sullenburger touched down after a flight with the blue angels. you may remember he landed a damaged jet on the hudson river in 2009 without a single loss of life. captain sully says it has been 32 years since he was in a fighter jet back when he was in the military. and he says today was better than he remembered. look at this. the amphibious navy craft landing on san francisco's
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ocean beach this morning. the military showed off its ability to respond to a natural disaster or terror attack. the hovercraft was carrying heavy equipment to help the city recover after an earthquake or tsunami. it has been used to respond to humanitarian crisis such as hurricane katrina. it is the military might steaming in for fleet week. >> it is a fun time of year. boy, impressive stuff. let's take you outside. a very nice night to wp up the big orae open world conference in san francisco. >> and this is treasure island where there is a big party. pearl jam is performing, and it looks like there is a ferris wheel out there. >> and sandhya patel is here. a beautiful day all over the bay area. >> that's right. and they are jamming to cooler weather here in the bay area. it is 14 dries -- 14 degrees cooler. so it is certainly better weather. we will show you what brought the cooling, and this is a time lapse from this afternoon. watch the marine layer as it deepens. it is the fog layer we are
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talking about. it has increased. it is 2200 feet deep. that will allow it as we check out live doppler 7hd to push into the bayside communities and into some the inld valleys. already mad its wa into the nth bay an down the sanas valle were in fr quite a bit of fog. it heads inld. the cooler pattern and into next week. there is a slight chance of showers coming on monday. so let me show you the cooling trend that is coming up. today's high temperatures in the first column, compare them to tomorrow. santa rosa will go from 92 today to 71 degrees tomorrow. it is a 21-degree drop. temperatures fell from 4 to 24 degrees and we will get additional cooling. 8 degrees cooler going from 71 to 63 tomorrow. and you check out sanose, 89 degrees today. dropping to 77 which is 12 degrees cooler. so get ready for further cooling. tonight you will see the fog that came in from the south, push into the inland valleys. the sea breeze is certainly
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going to help it along. much cooler in all areas when you first wake up and head out the door. you will see the temperatus are in the lowto upper 50s, cooler than days past, and there is quite a bit of fog. you may want to give yourself some extra time or for you to get to work as the fog may reduce visibility. cooling as this area of low pressure gets closer to us. it really is going to keep us in a cool pattern for the weekend. cooler than average, and then as it looks closer monday morning 5:00 a.m. we may start to see some showers developing. this would be the first rain of the season. our live doppler 7hd will be tracking it if it does develop. south bay temperatures are on the mild side. 77 for san jose. on the peninsula, you are looking at 70 in san mateo and 74 palo alto. well into the afternoon, 59 degrees. downtown san francisco, 63. and up into the north bay we go 50s near the coast, 71 in santa rosa, vallejo, i have to
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tell you, people on facebook and twitter are glad to see the fog back and the cooler weather. in the east bay, 69 in oakland and september of -- and 72 in union city. it is a far cry from the heat we have seen in days past. 79 in livermore and 77 danville. 63 in monterey and a lot happening. we have fleet week, blue angels will be flying overhead, and we have america's cup races. tomorrow along the waterfront, clouds and fog in the morning. in the upper 50s, partly sunny by 1:00 as the blue angels head overhead. partly cloudy at 4:00 p.m. for the america's cup race. and then it will get chilly by nighttime. bundle up. accu-weather seven-day forecast cooling down to the mid70s by sunday. upper 50s coast side. and then there is a slight chance of ra believe it or noon monday. you could be the big winner. dan is trying over and over again. abc7 gives away $49,000. all of our friends on facebook
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are eligible. go to facebook page at news. the button will take to you this pa where you can fill out the entry form and w wi announce tinne on october 18thightfter the9er game right her on abc7 news. should be great. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up, a new way a store has for you to try on clothes. >> and you don't have to go to the changing room to make the switch. stay with us. more to come.
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morning for the latest opening of the newest clothing store. they are a japanese retailer known for a dizzying array of colors. they will have what i known as a magic mirror. they will you c try on e jack and then electronically change the color. they are giving free t-shirts to the first 500 customers on friday morning. >> that's a clever idea. jetblue is offering a way for voters to make good on threats to leave the country if the other guy wins. the airline is giving away
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2012 seats to customers who come out on the losing end of the battle between presidt obama and e republic nominee mitt romney. travelers who candidat does not win can enter a contest to escape to mexico or the caribbean or other destinations outside the united states to ease the pain of the election. >> the a's are celebrating still. >> larry beil is here jie. absolutely. they have tickets. >> what a way to finish up the regular season. more on the party for the green and gold and the triple crown winner who is waiting for them next. sports is coming up.
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the oakland a's had sole possession of the first place for one day in 2012. today. the last day of the season. the winner take all versus texas. and the coliseum was electric, soldout. 36,000 plus. the rangers jump out to the early lead. soto with the base hit. murphy built a 5-1 cushion. the key play rally is on. two outs and should be the end of the inning. a flyball and josh hamilton and drops it. two runs in and oakland would erupt for six runs in the inning to go up 7-5. hamilton lost in the sun or something. grifn ga wayo a lits ow bull pen- li


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